Clogged Duct before Delivery

by Amy
(Anderson, SC)

Have you ever heard of engorgement or a clogged duct during pregnancy? I developed a lump 2 months before delivering that turned into a completely hardened breast. I gave birth one week ago and have not been able to nurse or pump anything out of that breast. I have tried warm compresses, hot showers, cabbage leaf, soaking in a bowl of hot water, massage...everything I read to try. No one seems to offer any solutions. I've seen two obstetritians, two surgeons, a ultrasound technician, several nurses, a team of lactation consultants, and my son's pediatritian, and no one is helping. I was told it was mastitis even after taking a round of antibiotics that did not help. They gave me a stronger one through IV and still no improvement. An ultrasound showed a 4cm absess. A surgeon aspirated it and found milk, rather than an infenction, and he has ordered a biopsy. All of these tests and no solutions. I'm afraid I will not be able to use that side to breastfeed.

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