Cluster feeding issues

by Kelly

My son is 7 weeks old and every evening about 5 all he wants to do is nurse until about 11.

He spend 10-15 minutes on each side eating and then comfort nurses for about 30 minutes on the last side.

Then he will take a 10 minute break. During eating time I can hear a good suck-swallow rhythm but during comfort nursing his suck is weaker with no or little swallowing.

It is overwhelming as dad can't hardly spend any time with him and I am the only one who can comfort him.

I know it is normal and will end eventually. He is content after eating the rest of the day. I just want some reassurance that I am doing the right thing. He is my third. My older two didn't go through this phase. He was also a month early. Thanks!

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Jan 05, 2014
Boobs, the original pacifier
by: Lyssa

Breasts are the original pacifier. If you notice baby is using you to comfort nurse,you have a few options. You can sit/lay and nurse baby, wear your baby and nurse, or give baby a plastic fake pacifier if he will take one.

It may be easier for dad to comfort baby if baby can't see or smell you (or your boobs) in the room. It may also help if baby is wrapped in a shirt you wore the day before or if you drape the shirt over dad's shoulder and have baby rest against it. Dad and baby need to work together and find their own rhythm,and after a good feeding, should be left for a bit of time to do so.

It can be frustrating for mom to hear baby cry and not run over and instantly fix everything, but it can frustrate dad to also not be as easily able to comfort baby. Give it time.

It sounds like baby is well fed and generally happy and just needs time to adjust to dad being around at night.

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