co sleep with babe

by sherree

My husband and I Co sleep with babe no1 and she is the most outgoing, confident girl she is 2 now and has always slept through the night from the day we brought her into our bed!.. And we're slowly getting her in her own bed as babe no2 is here and 2 months old and we will be doing the same thing with him..

Yes, its a bummer and hubby and I have no time together, but this is only a short time and important for our little ones..

We will get to have our time all over again once they're both kicked outta the bed and happy confident little people..

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Apr 01, 2014
attachment parenting
by: Paula


I agree totally with you! I feel that it is a necessary part of their development and plus it makes it so much easier for a mom that is exclusively breastfeeding.

I breastfed my little girl for two years and those two years we co-slept with her too. She is now three and sleeps in her own bedroom, no problems.

I would not give up that special time we had together for anything.

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