colic and feeding less

by Mariam
(North London)

Hi, i am breastfeeding my seven weeks old baby. He has colic and a very loose stool more than ten times a day but Dr said to be normal. He is not on the breast as long as he was before he had colic. I have tried everything and really tired. I think he is not gaining weight these weeks as he is not feeding well due to colic pain. He cries most of the day and night.

Please help!

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Oct 16, 2013
by: Lyssa

Having a bowel movement after every nursing session is not uncommon for an exclusively breastfed baby, and not itself a need to worry. Breastfed babies also normally have very loose, sometimes seedy yellow or green poo. All of this is within the scope of normal. Not fun to clean so many poo diapers, but nothing in itself to worry about.

If baby is having 3-6 wet diapers a day, I would not worry about baby gaining enough weight. Often the "normal" is a formula fed baby chart when a breastfed baby's diet is drastically different.

The WHO has a breastfed baby only growth chart you can find online if you would like, but a baby often becomes more efficient at nursing as he or she gets older and that is not a concern.

There is no known reason for colic, although some associate it with an increase in gas for the baby that he or she is finding hard to pass. It is never easy to deal with a crying baby for hours on end, and most find they need to "tag team" with their partner, a friend, or another family member such as a sister or mother.

Taking turns with the baby can help one remain calm in such a tense situation. Gas drops may help settle baby's tummy and bowels. "bicycling" baby's legs or rubbing their lower tummy can also help relieve gas pressure in baby.

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