Colicky baby not nursing well

by Amanda


My baby is 3 weeks old and is wanting to latch every 15 mins or so during the day and almost every hourly during the night for the past few days.

Since day 1 she has only been able to latch on for less than 10 mins, but she seems contented then but now she's only latching on for about 5 mins or less and keeps crying after.

I tried to catch my letdown on my hanky but she's too fuzzy by then and will not latch again after.

It often sprays on her face and I hear a lot of gulping sound too. The thing I'm not sure if she's really getting too much foremilk is her poo is not greenish, but she farts and makes alot of gulping sound.

What is my problem really? Am I over supplied like or lack of supply? I don't feel engorged but when I expressed after 4 hours I get 4-5oz one side and my let down is superior. Please help!

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Jul 27, 2015
overactive letdown
by: Tracy

Hi Amanda

It sounds as if you have an overactive letdown. Not all mothers with an overactive letdown have an oversupply of milk. It just means that your milk flows very quickly, and it seems that your baby is struggling with this.

A forceful letdown will most certainly have decreased before your baby turns 6 months, but most of the time, it will decrease before six weeks, when your body has adjusted to the volume of milk needed.

There are a few ways to cope with this:

* Try not to press on your breast with your fingers while breastfeeding, as any pressure or massage can increase the flow of milk and cause a let down. Do not try to stop the flow with pressure as this could cause a blockage.

* Lie down while breastfeeding for the first few minutes. This will help, because it allows any extra milk to flow out of your baby’s mouth.

* Breastfeed in a reclining position. Keep yourself reclined at an angle with your baby lying on her tummy. This uses gravity to your advantage, as milk is not forced down your baby’s throat.

* Another helpful breastfeeding position: Allow your baby to straddle your leg and sit her upright whilst breastfeeding, hold her back and neck for support.

* Remember to burp your baby often, because your baby might be swallowing air, which will make her uncomfortable.

Hang in there mommy, your baby might also be going through a growth spurt and this will explain the extra fussiness and change in feeding pattern. A growth spurt usually only lasts a few days.

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