Combination Feeding Low Milk Supply

by Christine

My first son had tongue tie when he was born and he became dehydrated at 3 days old and had to be put on a drip and in the special care nursery.

I had to use nipple shields with him but was able to breast feed him a little bit. I mixed fed him until 6 months old, but that whole time I was trying to constantly build up my milk supply, expressing after every feed and in between when i could. I thought my supply had never established because of the tongue tie and nipple shields.I was never able to exclusively breast feed.

My second son who is now 6 weeks old did not have tongue tie and i thought everything was going well with breast feeding until his 2 week weigh in and he had lost considerable amount of weight.

He lost more weight two days later when he was weighed again and i was gutted. I am again mix feeding him and have had a lactation consultant out who says he is attaching well, I was feeding him every two hours and supplemented with only a small amount of formula but I had to deal with a hungry baby all day and a toddler who wanted attention!

I am now feeding him mostly formula and breastfeeding him when he will attach. I am trying to come to term with the fact that i am just one of those people who cant breastfeed but it is difficult.

Yesterday i told my husband i would stop, and have all the support from him, yet today again i am pumping, thinking maybe just a few more days. It is hard when everyone says breastfeeding is natural yet you just cant do it.

My toddler is very happy and healthy so i know formula does not impact on them. Its good to see other people have the same problem and breastfeeding isn't possible for everyone.

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