Hi all,

After I had my son I was pumping and on the mini pill. It was making me feels nuts and I was bleeding every week.

I stopped it in April. I had normal periods for April May and June. In July it all got messy.
I bled July 19-24 then July 29/30
August 3-5
August 20-25 (faint positive on the 20th later that day "period started)
Now sept 3-????

I'm breastfeeding and pumping not taking anything BC wise.

What should I do ??

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Sep 07, 2015
See your doctor
by: Tracy


I would suggest that you see your doctor. He/she can recommend a pill that will work for you and rule out any possible health concerns.

Breastfeeding can cause a mother to skip periods or have some spotting instead of a period, but bleeding as often as you are, is not far as I know. (I am not a doctor)

If you need information about safe contraceptives while breastfeeding, that do not reduce milk supply, you can find that information here...

Contraceptives while breastfeeding

Sep 08, 2015
Call the doctor
by: Lauren

I think a call or trip to the doctor is definately a good idea. Breast feeding can really throw your cycle off.

I did alot of searching online when I had this problem and frequent periods or spotting looked like it was pretty common, but no one ever seems to post a follow up so idk whether or not it was an actual problem.

I was lucky and only had bleeding every 2 weeks or so for a few months. You also said you got a faint positive but then started your period again that night.

Maybe implantation bleeding..? If not pregnant, you may want to look into the shot. Worked well for a friend of mine, didnt have much of an affect on her supply.

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