constipation- breastfed/ formula fed

by Mac
(USA Kansas)

My daughter is 18 days old and she was on formula from the hospital until my milk came in. we recently decided to keep her on formula for two feedings a day so that I can continue to pump and save some breast milk for when I return to work.

(She drinks3-4 oz each feeding and im only making about that much each pump session)
Recently, she went ~24 hours with no bowel movement- was fussy and cried for hours.

She would look as if she were straining to produce a bm but nothing came of it. After giving her breast milk all day she passed a LARGE stool and was MUCH happier.

Can we try adding the formula back but switch from sensitivity to the one made specifically for supplementation?

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Feb 17, 2015
donor milk
by: Tracy


Have you considered donor breast milk? The milk is screened and safe, it will prevent the constipation.

My first child had the same issues with all the formulas that we tried. Back then I tried to breastfeed for a few months, but gave up. I didn't know then that I had the donor milk option.

If donor breast milk is not available, another option would be to breastfeed your baby at the breast as much as possible, and eat a lot of lactogenic foods. Maybe even consider Domperidone? Its a safe medication that really works. I used this with my second child and breastfed her until the age of two.

Also, don't know if you know this but a breast pump is unable to stimulate your breasts as much as a baby at the breast and this can cause your supply to decrease. If yu have to pump, its best to use a double, hospital grade electric pump.

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