could not breastfeed.

by Kristy

I had my first child 8 years ago and could not breastfeed. I couldn't even pump more that an ounce.

I have some insight into why now a few years later. I came across an article that examined the effects of polysystic ovarian syndrome and underdeveloped breast sacs.

I suffer from POS and now I am 38 weeks pregnant with my second. I have such anxiety about being in the hospital and the nurses making me feel like a bad mother for giving up the first time after my first child lost a whole pound in 4 days as they refused to let me supplement.

I have to have a c-section with this child and will be in the hospital for 3-4 days.

I am dreading the guilty looks and smart ass comments from the maturity nurses. I wish they would understand that this is not a choice but a need. If any nurse is reading this please don't judge just understand and get off your soap box I don't need you making me feel inadequate.......

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Mar 08, 2012
Hormonal Disorders
by: Mrs. G

Things like PCOS and diabetes have a direct impact on your ability to breastfeed. Milk production relies on certain hormones being released by the body at the right time. When you have a disorder that affects your hormones, of course you will have issues with breastfeeding (not that anyone bothered to tell me that. Try googling diabetic and breastfeeding... the only links you get are ones that point to the link between breastfeeding and preventing type II diabetes later in life).

There should be more education for expectant moms and the medical community about this... setting someone up for failure because they don't take other health factors into account is mean-spirited at best.

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