dark green runny poop

by Vanessa
(New York)

My baby boy is 8 weeks and I do both breastfeeding and formula simply because I don't produce enough milk.

He was extremely colic, fussy and gassy so I went from Similac sensitive to similac soy and what total difference! No colic, no fuss he's in no sign of distress HOWEVER, his poops have been liquid and dark green. Looks like Diarrhoea but a couple of days have passed, no fever and still no sign of distress. What does this mean?

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Nov 12, 2014
trying different formulas
by: Anonymous

I would not worry too much if your baby seems happy. The dark green liquid stools could be your baby's digestive system adapting to the new soy formula. If it continues for another week you could talk to your pediatrician about using a different formula...

With my first child I had to use a formula and we had to change it a few times before it worked for him. We first had him on Lactogen, which was terrible. Then we tried some other soy formulas and they didn't seem to help...eventually we put him on Nan, and that seemed to stop his colic symptoms and constipation. All babies are different, so just keep trying.

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