decrease in supply

by misskitty46

My son is 7 1/2 months and I am having a decrease in supply because I started baby food and he eats less.

Not getting even 1/2 an ounce when pump?/ why? Also I have starred my cycle again I think?? Is this normal? I did not have one at all when breastfeeding my 1st child..Thanks

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Jan 18, 2016
supply decrease
by: Tracy


Its normal for you to have a decrease in supply when starting solids, and when you start your period. So a combination of both will definitely make a difference.

Your supply might decrease every month during "that time" of the month. And yes, it is normal for your period to return, especially when your baby starts eating solids and drinking less from you. Some mothers do enjoy a "period free" breastfeeding experience, others do not. It all depends on your hormone levels at the time. You might notice that you skip a few periods when breastfeeding frequency increases.

I would suggest that you try some herbs to increase supply, but first check with your doctor.

Here is a link to the herbal tea that I use to make...
My tea recipe

Also, you can never really calculate how much milk you are producing by looking at the amount of milk expressed with a breast pump, a baby always removes more milk from the breast than a breast pump. So, the amount of milk that your baby is receiving might already be sufficient in combination with the solids received.

In my opinion extra milk is always nice. I liked to keep an extra stash ;-)

Here are some links that would be a good read for you...

Is my baby drinking enough

Starting solids

Periods and breastfeeding

Birth control and breastfeeding

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