each pregnancy/baby is different

by Amanda

June, I love that you're using a SNS, as baby will still get your milk as well. Also, it's worth remembering that baby's are so much more efficient than any breast pump (indeed, some mothers never do well with a pump but breastfeed with no problems), so I imagine your baby is getting more than you would be able to pump.

For mothers who need to supplement in addition to breastfeeds (or, preferably like June and at the breast), do check out HM4HB (Human Milk 4 Human Babies) so that you will still be giving your baby breastmilk regardless.

Also keep in mind that each pregnancy/baby is different. If you were not able to breastfeed the first time around, you may find you are able to the next time (or at least more than you were able to the first time). Even women with IGT have found this. x

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