enough was enough

by Kayla

I got lucky that I have a disposition of knowing that I do what I can and put my all into things when the time calls and if thats not good enough...well to put it nicely...sucks!

What more can you do than your best right? Lol so I'm not sure if people didn't judge me because they knew that or because I didn't pay attention because I could not breastfeed.

If I could've I would've. My nipples bled for two weeks because I turned to solely pumping and was only making 2 ounces.

I hurt so bad and every second was worth it but if someone would have said "some girls can't breastfeed" I would have quit a lot sooner because I knew in my heart I was giving it my all and my sons drs weren't helpful or comforting or constructive.

I did my own research and decided we were both suffering and enough was enough.

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