Every newborn baby should be allowed to breast feed

by Harry
(United States)

I would like to start out with saying, I am definitely not one who advocates drying the mother's breast, via injection, and starting the baby on the bottle at birth like the doctors did in the 1970s. However, I'm about to lay out a stronger argument in favor of breast feeding than merely "it bonds the baby closer to the mother (which it does).

The first day or so of breast feeding after the baby is born contains collagen that is important for the child to have a good immune system against diseases, not only as a baby, but through that persons entire life as well.

Back in the 1990s, I started noticing lots of fellow co-workers at work, who were about ages 19, 20 21 & 22, complain that they got sick more often than some of us older folks do. One of those young ones even said he gets sick like clockwork. And many were allergic to lots of things. Those younger co-workers were the generation born thru the 1970s. And when I got up the nerve to ask, they all said they were never breast feed as babies.

I was born in 1954, before doctors started that practice, and had been working since 1973, and never seen so many folks I knew come down sick so much until about the 1990s. Now here's some of my own personal experience. In July, 2004, I purchased 14 acres of rual, wooded land in Northren Arkansas, and built a cabin home on it. It was my first home that was mine that I didn't have to rent. For the first few years there, I lived in substandard conditions while I built my house with my own hands.

I had no running water or electricity. I would eliminate waist into a box, bag or what was handy, then burn it. There were times I came close to freezing to death that first winter...literally. Snow blew in on my blankets into my partly built house. I was boiling captured rain water that had mosquito larvae in it, or dipping from rivers and streams, for drinking and cooking, because businesses in town got tired of me hauling away some of their potable water (like it was going to break them).

My dogs, that hunted and ate rabbits and aridillos, snuggled under the blankets to keep me warm while I slept at night. I would bring back deer road-kill for my dogs, and cook and eat some of it for myself, not knowing how long the deer had been laying on the roadside. I could do no better then, because through out my lifetime, I never had those lavish, plush incomes of $15 to $25 per hour like folks I know who work for the oil and gas companies or in white collar jobs. Most times, I'm lucky to find a minimum wage job and be thankful to have it, so my "third world living standards" when I was getting started was the best I could do.

Those young fellow co-workers I knew in the 1990s would not have survived living the way I did from 2004 thru about 2008. Their immune systems would not have been strong enough. Some folks would die of sickness living the way I did for those four years. Some folks say "I dont plan for my child to go thru that when he or she is older...Some folks don't plan on a car wreck, so they don't wear a seat belt. Some folks don"t plan on their boat sinking, so they bring no floatation devices aboard.

Every newborn baby should be allowed to breast feed. It is good to have a good immune system. One never knows what's ahead down the Road of Life.

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