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My 6 weekweeks baby has had a change in his stool over the past three days. He has had consistent diareheah that is very smelly compared to the past. And today his stool is less runny but green and mucussy.

I am an exclusive pumper since my baby will not latch on and is fed his breadtmilk by bottle. I have produced a good amount since he was born and since breastmilk is good at room temperature for 4-6 hours you he feeds from the same bottle until gone or bad ehich ever comes first over a couple feedings.

He has had colic like syptoms since day one after every feeding he grunts, squirms, and brings his knees up and down for several minutes. He has even developed an umbilical hernia from his discomfort.

All though he is a happy baby for the most part he does not cry or fuss too much just after feedings. He only goes 1-2 hours before he is hungry again day and night even after eating anywhere from2-4oz a feeding.

I am not sure if foremilk imbalance has anything to to do work with this you since he my is bottlefed my breastmilk Please help with any input or advice. Thanks

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Oct 22, 2012
exclusive pumping bottle feeding
by: Anonymous

I noticed that you mentioned that you use the same milk from the bottle several times within 4-6hrs at room temperature.I have been advised to not let the milk stand more than 4hrs at daytime and nightime its ok since it is cooler to let it stand up to 6hrs.However,once baby has started drinking the milk,you have to finish the portion within 1hr from the first feed and discard the balance.that is why it is best to store in 2oz quantity for each bottle so that the milk won't go to waste.Did you take anything different in your meals as what we eat also will affect the milk that we pump for baby.

Oct 22, 2012
acid reflux?
by: Jaclyn Pawlowski Love

Is it acid reflux? All 3 of my boys had it and had those symptoms. We also went through that green stool phase around 4-5 weeks and our ped. Was not worried. Just wanted to make sure he was producing 4-6 wet diapers.

Oct 22, 2012
Responding to previous comments.....thanks for your input
by: Exclusive pumper

Well i was under the impression that yes if i were to warm milk that has been refrigerated than it is only good for an hour so it is best to serve in 2oz portions. But if i am using freshly pumped milk that i accumulated in 6-8oz portions and have not put in the refrigerator than it is good for 4-6 hours depending on the room temp.

So it os okay to serve from the same bottle that i filled up from that pump session if he has not finished it and it has not exceeded its time limit than i thought it was okay.

I have not really changed my diet at all. I don't think it is reflux because he does not spit or throw up more than normal. I am starting to think he may have an allergy because he also has a rash of tiny bumps along his neck and chest. He no longer has diarrhea but green stool with lots of mucus in it now

I am starting to get discouraged i so badly wanted to breastfeed and it was so frustrating for both me and baby when he could not latch i want to provide him with all the benefits of breast milk but pumping exclusively is very hard, time consuming, and takes a lot of dedication especially since I am starting to work part time again.

Now that i am having problems with breast milk allergies having to adjust my diet like cutting out dairy seems to be another battle.

I am starting to lose hope and considering formula but feel like a bad mom. Not to mention all of the frozen milk i have stored so far...could that all go to waist if he has allergies to dairy?

Oct 24, 2012
my thoughts
by: Tracy


yes, it could be a little bit of fore milk/hind-milk imbalance. You could start block feeding/pumping to reduce the amounts of foremilk...

Here is a page on this

Also here is a page on the safe guidelines of milk storage.

Please read the benefits of breastfeeding and the benefits for you as a mom before you make any decision.

Formula can not come close to breast milk and may cause even more hassles for your baby's tummy. formula contains cow protein instead of lactose (which is what is in breast milk.)

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