Exclusively pumping wanting to breastfeed

by Christina
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Hi everyone I need some help.

Little one has been exclusively drinking pumped breast milk for 5 weeks. Baby sometimes drinks from a nipple shield but he doesn't like it very much.

I have also tried to put him on my breast but my nipples are a little flat (use to be inverted 5 weeks ago!) and he doesn't open his mouth wife enough or stay on. But for a minute on and off he will suck. I don't have milk supply issues though I wonder if the let down is too full on for him.

My lactation consultant told me to get him to suck on my nipple shield for 15-20 mins each feed but I found doing it made his feed almost an hour long and with the need to pump as well took me almost 2 hours to do one feeding. By then I had to feed again or had to feed earlier and pumping was missed out.

My milk went down as I tried this for a few days. To be honest I was too tired to continue doing it and went back to just pumping and feeding.

Now that I have a better handle on motherhood I wanted to do try again but I don't want to go through weening off a nipple shield. If rather go from bottle fed exclusively to breast fed exclusively.

Anyone know how best to do this or if there's a way to do this?

I'm dying to get this sorted as I have to return my rented pump next week. I originally was going to stop breast milk and go straight to formula when this happened. But I really want to give it another go. I'd love to breastfeed if I could for as long as possible I no longer want to go to formula.

Please help!

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Dec 18, 2013
Back to Breast
by: Lyssa

Wow, Mama! Amazing job, pumping so much for so long already!! And great that you want to get baby back to breastfeeding! Pumping is very exhausting, indeed!

Have you heard of a Supplemental Nursing System? Your Lactation Consultant should be anle to help you buy or make one. It is a bag, bottle, or syringe of breastmilk hooked up to a tube that you tape down by ypur breast. This helps baby a) stimulate your supply by actively nursing and b)helps baby transition from the fast and instant flow of the bottle to that of the breast.

Another thing to try is correcting baby's latch to be bigger and wider. Has baby been checked for a tongue or lip tie that can make a good latch difficult? Adjusting baby at the beinning of each feeding may take a bit of time the first day or two, but baby should catch on quickly to a correct latch if adjusted appropriately.

A bit of nipple stimulation just before you feed can help get your nipples to stand out a bit more to help baby latch better.

Great job so far, mama! Keep it up!

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