by mandi

I struggled so bad with lack of sleep during the first four weeks. She cluster fed constantly. Hourly!

At 4 week check up she was only 3 oz above her birth weight at 6lb10oz, 12oz less than the doctor wanted to see.

I couldn't understand how a baby could nurse so much and be below weight. Now almost 9 weeks and 8lbs15oz. I had to start supplementing formula.

I pump and she gets a mix in each feeding. She is an entirely different baby. So much happier and I am finally sleeping!

I was really upset at first thought of supplementing, made me feel like a failure. I don't feel that way anymore.

She is healthier and happier. Oz wise I was producing enough milk is just nutritionally was not enough for her.

I tried to eat healthy, I guess it just doesn't work for all. Still nurse during night feedings but getting the mix of formula is key to her overall health.

It also helped a lot with reducing the amount she spits up. Nursing she spit up way more. My milk is extremely dense and doctor says it doesn't have enough weight to stay down.

Everyones baby and situation is different. I know I tried my best to be a full time nurser but it didn't work for us.

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