feed with a baby in a sling

by Ashleigh
(QLD Australia)


I find this to be a very informative website however I do not agree with advising people to feed with a baby in a sling. As a paediatric emergency nurse I have seen 2 cases of infants being suffocated whilst the mother attempting this technique. Although I understand the frustration with a growing breast fed baby I believe finding some good movies or books and nursing as often as needed in these days is easiest. I am not a sit down and stop person myself but this is what had to be done for my daughters health. I know mothers who may feed in baby carriers ( I.e: baby born or ergo baby) but these are babies with intact head control and are able to freely remove there head from the breast if needed. Once again this is a great website however in my experience I would hate for this to be misunderstood technique.

Thanks Ash

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Nov 15, 2013
Nursing in a sling
by: Lyssa

Nursing babies, newborn through toddler, in a sling or carrier has been done for thousands of years all over the world.
It is true a newborn baby improperly positioned can be in danger, and that is why it is often stressed that baby be put in a position with their head up close to mom's head, within kissing distance, while not actively nursing. It is important for mom to be aware of baby's proper position in a carrier or sling, and each carrier or sling has a manual detailing proper and improper positions to use. Many also have videos on Youtube for further visual explanations.
It is very sad to hear of those babies' deaths, but it is uncommon, if not unheard of, for a properly positioned baby at the breast to be injured. As always, using the product as intended, following the safety guidelines is important.

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