feeding twins born at 37 weeks

by Sarah

I felt incredibly depressed after being unable to breast feed my twins. They were my first babies and I NEVER considered that the fact that I had inverted nipples (not just flat!) would have an enormous effect on my ability to feed, let alone feeding twins born at 37 weeks.

The girls simply were not strong enough to even attempt to pull my nipple out. I expressed miserably for four months. Fortunately I actually had oversupply. My time spent feeding including expressing was 18hours out of 24.

I was exhausted. On your first baby you simply have absolutely no idea what is to come, and therefore no idea what questions you should ask pre birth about an issue such as mine!

On my subsequent pregnancy I researched everything about inverted nipples and found out I could break the ligaments and draw the nipple out during my second pregnancy. Something I had NEVER heard of, and something NO midwife had educated me on even once I had the twins.

My experience with my third bub was so fulfilling as he latched onto my 'new' nipples and everything worked.

The thing that got me through my inability to feed the girls was a friend who told me....just make the firm decision to formula feed, stop beating yourself up and do what is going to get the girls and you to a happy place without feeling guilty.

The best advice I ever heard and will remember forever. Stop with guilt tripping mothers. There are circumstances where there are no other options. Let's look at the mental health of new mothers rather than formula fed brilliant beautiful children like my girls.

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