Feeling defeated/milk disappearing

by Hollie

I am so confused. I am on child number two and am finally ready to throw in the towel.

With my first child it took a bit for my milk to come in but then it did in full swing. But 2 in a half months later it was gone.

I went from producing 2 ounces as Brest a feeding to two tbl spoons a day. I didn't know what the cause was. I blamed it in him sleeping through the night, birth controls, exercise, and even antibiotics.

I thought next child I will do better. But my milk never came in as fully. He would only eat for 10 minutes max many times less. Lactation consultants said I had good latch and fast let down.

But two months in my baby was not gaining weight fast enough. I tried every thing including going back to bed which worked at first but stopped after a week.

I had to suplament. He is almost five months and i just cant take it. How can I have lots of milk and then have none? How can I feed every two hours and he still gain half a pound in a month?

I feel like such a failure. How come other moms can do it and only feed every 4 to 6? My son seems happy and does all the thing a five month should do.

He doesn't really fuss and spits up plenty. He sleeps well. I just don't know what's wrong with me and can I fix the problem. Am I giving up too soon?

What more can I do? I understand if milk never comes in but what about it just disappearing? I have a growth disability and so I am super worried about growth could that be a factor? I need help. I need comfort because I do feel like less of a woman. I feel defeated.

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