fennel oil and breastfeeding

by Eleanor

I got a new natural toothpaste that had peppermint as one of the flavorings -- even though it was advertised as a cinnamon toothpaste (can't believe I missed it on the label!) and bye bye milk! :(

I read about Fennel helping to restore milk supply and so I bought Fennel essential oil. I've been applying the oil to the bottom of my feet for two weeks or so -- am I hurting my baby?

I've also taken pains to avoid all peppermint, to breastfeed as often as humanly possible and to stay very well hydrated but I haven't tried any other galactagogues.

I've had to supplement with formula (my 4 month old slipped to her 2 month old weight), but my daughter won't take a bottle so we've used a thin tube that runs from a bottle to her mouth while she's nursing. All of this together has done wonders to restore her weight and to bring my milk back (after two weeks of supplementing with 16 oz of formula, we're down to about 6 oz of formula a day) but I'm worried I've been harming her with the fennel oil.


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Nov 15, 2013
No need to worry
by: Lyssa

It sounds like you are doing everything right!

I really wouldn't worry about the oil. It seems like you have done everything right to restore supply. You have done a GREAT job, mama! You rock! Keep on nursing! And no need to worry.

Aug 14, 2015
Fennel helps with colic
by: Jessica

Fennel essential oil is considered GRAS by the FDA so is approved to take internally (not that you should ever give it to an infant). It does get into breastmilk but has been shown to reduce colic when it does. If you are worried about it you can use it 20 days and then take a few days off.

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