finally worried/disturbing smell in my babys urine

by blanca

Ive drunk coke or any other soda no water since giving birth (5 weeks) and ill have to lay off of it for a while now that I have noticed a disturbing smell in my babys urine :(

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Aug 26, 2012
The importants of water
by: Zelda Behr

Your blood, muscles, lungs, and brain all contain water.

Water helps to regulate body temperature, helps the nutrients in food to be absorbed, removes waist, transports oxygen to your cells and protects your joints and organs.

As a breastfeeding mom you made the choice to give your baby the best because breast milk has so many benefits.

Now why not give yourself the best by drinking water?

Caffeine and sugary sodas can cause your baby to be fussy and can also causes colic like symptoms so try to cut down to 3 a day.

As far as I can see your drinks can't cause the problem but here is a few things that could.

* Dehydration: this is very unlikely because you are breastfeeding. Breastfed babies get all the fluids they need from breast milk, but just in case you can try giving baby a little pre boiled water no more than 40ml.

* Some vegetables like asparagus in your diet can cause a strong smell in baby's urine.

* Urinary track infection can be caused by bacteria when not cleaning baby properly while changing diapers. In this case you need to consult your doctor.

Now the following are not as common so don't worry, first see if its not one of the other before jumping to conclusions.

* Diabetes: If you change the fluid intake of your baby and its not something you ate have your baby tested.

* Liver damage: If the problem persists consult your doctor.

Good luck hopes this helps.

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