First was sad, now mad...

I won't go into my failing to breastfeed saga, but to say it is similar to most I've read here.

At the time I felt so sad and guilty. Now I have some perspective. My two year old daughter is thriving in every sense of the word, and bonded to me like superglue :-) and I realize that of all setbacks a child might face, being formula-fed is a very minor one.

But there was no one to tell me that when both I and my hungry baby were crying our eyes out over and over at each breast feeding attempt.

I'm completely on-board with the pro-breast feeding campaign, but it goes too far when it makes mothers who can't feel inadequate and judged. One mom admitted to me that when she sees another mom pull out formula she 'assumes she is lazy, or uneducated.

This type of thinking is itself uneducated, insensitive, and discriminatory. The militant Go Breastfeeding movement has got to develop a shred of sensitivity to the myriad situations that can preclude breastfeeding (physical inability, adoption, HIV, etc)...or they really become a lot like the pro-FORMULA propaganda machines of yesteryear in a number of disturbing ways.

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Dec 02, 2011
by: juliana

I am a mom with my baby boy who is 4 months, I wanted to breastfeed him until he was a year (@ least that's what I wanted to do) I had colostrum for 10 days no milk @ all, I did everything people told me to do, a lady even told me to try drinking a beer so my milk can come out, which didn't help @ all!

Nothing I did helped, my milk never came out & after 2 weeks of trying I quit because my baby was very hungry & wanting to eat every 5 min. & just bc I feed him formula doesn't make me lazy, it means I at least tried to do the next best thing for my son, I really wish I could have breastfeed for a year but I just couldn't. But everyone loves to judge b4 even knowing the mothers situation.

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