food sensitivities/allergies in newborn

by Deborah

My daughter had a baby boy 1 week ago. She is breastfeeding. He has cried and screamed and not slept well at all, had red splotchy skin all over his body including hands and feet.

Baby had a one week doctor check-up and daughter contacted a virus/diarrhea of some sort in the office. The sickness has been a blessing, in that she has only eaten plain oats cooked 1 hour (to change them from starch to grape sugar to be readily digestible)and loose herb peppermint tea steeped for at least 30 minutes.

Not only did the diarrhea and cramps go right away... so did the baby's fussiness! He is a fabulous quiet, content child, with no red splotchy skin :)

Now... daughter is scared to start eating again for fear baby will start screaming again. She did have plain chicken- no skin, breading, or spices,and had plain boiled yellow squash last night for supper.

If she stops dairy for 3 months, what can she substitute for the calcium? Is yogurt considered dairy since it is more of a fermented probiotic? I'm thinking gluten intolerance might be more of an issue?

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