Fore/hind milk imbalance

by Anita

Hi, I decided I had a milk supply problem when I probably didn't and took a tea containing fenugreek. It massively increased my milk supply, and now I think I have a fore-hind milk imbalance (my baby is gassier/fussier after feeding, her stool is becoming green and slimy and this morning when I expressed from one breast I got 60ml of very watery milk (unusual)). I stopped taking the tea nearly a week ago. What can I do to correct the imbalance? I have been trying to offer just one breast at a time.

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Sep 06, 2012
Fore/hind milk imbalance
by: Zelda Behr

It sure sounds like you have a fore/hind milk imbalance.

Like you said baby will spit up more and have green frothy explosive stool.

Your baby will also want to nurse more often and will have colic like symptoms.

* Pump a bit before each feed to reduce the amount of fore milk your baby get so she can get the fatty hind milk.

* Keep on only feeding from one breast per feed to make sure baby drains your breast completely.

* Also try to feed only from one breast over a 12-24 hour time period pump the other one to relieve engorgement and then switch to the other breast for the same time period.

* You can take a tea of sage, peppermint or thyme 3 times daily to reduce your milk supply.

* Cold compression and cabbage leaves can be used to soothe the engorgement.

Here is more on oversupply and for-milk hind-milk imbalance...



Good luck and hope this helps.

Sep 07, 2012
Rectified F/H imbalance
by: Anonymous

Thanks for that!

I had actually done most of that, pumping off foremilk in the mornings (it was worse in mornings, I could pump off 50ml of just foremilk from a single breast), and just fed one breast per feeding, and it actually rectified within 12-24 hrs (after I'd posted my question (-;).

Thank you so much for your advice!

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