Foremilk hindmilk imbalance?

My baby is 2 months old and exclusive breastfed. In the last 1.5 weeks she has been very different. When she sleeps she moves a lot, like she is uncomfortable or sometimes in pain. Two nights ago she fed 3 times during the night, last night she fed 5 times.

She doesnt have green poop, but this yellow with stuff like corn. In the last week she has been getting rashes because she poops too often. The rash clears in a couple of hours, but then it comes again when she poops several times in some hours or if i dont change her within 5 minutes of pooping.

She has always been very hard to burp, but when she burps it is very loud, she lets so much air out and sometimes with milk.

In the last days she has huge problems sleeping during the day. She used to be able to take several 1 hour naps or a long ine and some shorter. Now she sleeps about 1.5 hours in total from 9.00 am to 7 pm. She falls asleep, but wakes up, often because she farts or poops.

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Jul 10, 2015

by: Tracy


Sounds like she might be going through her first growth spurt. During these times a baby becomes more fussy and will drink more. Growth spurts will also change sleeping patterns.

Growth spurts usually last about three to four days.

The stools sound like normal breast milk stools and some exclusively fed babies do have several stools per day. Exclusively breastfed babies can have between 8 to 10 stools per 24 hours or one stool every 8 to 10 days.

Have you tried smearing her bum with petroleum jelly after each stool? This should protect her skin. I have heard that some moms are using organic coconut oil as a bum cream. Its worth a try. Its said to work wonders.

Also try to burp your baby every 10 minutes whilst breastfeeding. And try different burping positions.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Don't think you need to worry about foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. If you are still concerned, I recommend that you see a lactation consultant.

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