foremilk/hidemilk imbalance

by Ashley

I'm pretty sure I have a foremilk/hidemilk imbalance. How do I fix this? I have been going 3 hours in between nursing. Is that bad? should I go only 2 hours? She always latches on great and then nurses for about 3 minutes, and then pulls off (sometimes cries, sometime not) Then it's really hard to get her back on. She will do 2 things.. 1) either turn towards my breast, but every time to she opens her month to go back on, she quick turns away. and will keep doing this until she get frustrated. or 2) every time i will offer her my breast she just ignores it. Like she done and full?!

I really try to burp her too, and she usually always burps. I know of "block feeding" and have been doing that. but it doesn't seem to help!!! I really hope that you have answers for me, cause I feel I have tried everything. It's really hard not to just give up and give her formula (which I don't want to!)
Thanks for you willingness to help.

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Aug 25, 2011
fast let down reflex
by: Tracy

Hi Ashley

You do not need to breastfeed every two hours, this is usually recommended to moms who are trying to increase supply. Breastfeeding your baby on demand is fine...especially since you don't have a problem with low milk supply.

If she is crying or choking at your breast it could be a fast let down reflex...which is not going to be fixed by block feeding

Here are some pages that I suggest you read...

Fast or slow let down reflex

Foremilk hindmilk imbalance
How do I know if my baby is drinking enough

Hope this helps

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