From Bottle to Breast

by Samantha Jane

When i took my beautiful baby Anna back home, i never realized that she would get upset whenever i tried to feed her. I used formula milk with her, but she just wouldn't accept it from me. Her daddy could feed her, and even her big sister could feed her, but whenever i tried to give her the bottle, she cried endless tears.

I was so depressed, i did not know what to do. My doctor told me to breastfeed. This surprised me. If she wouldn't take a bottle off me, how would she cope with breast feeding?

But to my surprise it worked. First time round was successful, she drank with no upset and i gained a lot from this experience, and the most important thing a mother can have - a developing bond with her baby!

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Feb 19, 2011
So inspirational!
by: Tracy

Wow, that's an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

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