Gassy guts:(

I have a one month old who has symptoms of a mom with milk imbalance or overproduction of fore milk.

I'm currently feeding off one breast per feeding, leaning back or laying down while nursing, burping like crazy AND I've eliminated dairy, spicy foods, caffeine and citrus from my diet...yet still my little guy is in pain and super gassy! Help please:(

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Mar 20, 2013
baby and gas pain
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)

Gas in a breastfed baby is not always linked to something you are eating, but mostly it’s linked to normal gastric development and swallowing of air while feeding.

Some other reasons for gas problems can include air swallowed while crying, over-stimulation during the day, forceful milk let down reflex, any medication that you are taking, a virus (tummy bug) and then the things you mentioned such as foremilk imbalance and oversupply.

There are things you can do such as: keep burping baby often (also try different burping positions), keep breastfeeding from one breast at a time (some Moms need to increase the time in-between each breast), carry baby around in an upright position during the day (in a sling) this helps baby bring up any extra trapped air which causes pain and gassiness. You can also give baby a tummy massage to relieve some gas after a nice warm bath.

A great remedy for a gassy baby is anise water. Boil ½ tsp of anise seed in 500ml of water for five minutes. Let cool and then give baby 2 – 3 drops if baby is under six months old, half a dropper for up to a year old. The mixture can be kept in the fridge for three days. You can give it to baby every three hours for relief.

You should call your doctor if you suspect that baby has gastro.

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