getting enough milk

by Shakel Pitts
(Pine Bluff, AR USA)

I've been concerned about my son getting enough milk.

I was doing both bottle and breast feeding him. But after my son turn five months old. He started refusing my breast.

I've been pumping exclusively since he doesn't want my breast I'm only producing 2 and sometimes 3 ounces of milk, every 2 to 3 hours.

I've been producing this about since he was 2 months old. When I go a long time without pumping different hours of the early morning. Then I might get 5 to 6 onces more or less.

Other than that I only produce 2 to 3 ouces of milk. I had got sick on April 27, 2012 with a touch of the flu. Then I was only getting 1 ounce or a ounce in a half. Then sometimes two ounces.

I was getting way more breast milk before started working in March 2012. But I try drinking more water and liquids, but sometimes it doesn't helps a lot. Then sometimes more water and liquid intake do helps.

When my son have growth spurts I have to get the frozen milk out of the freezer to make up the differences. I need help to produce more milk for my son.

He's 6 months old now. I tried the mothers milk tea, it helped some. What can I do? I even had thoughts of giving up breast feeding, but my heart will not let me.

Then being determine to do exclusive breastfeeding since I found out that I was pregnant. Because I had to stop breast feeding with my second child due to dysphgia.

I had her at 27 weeks gestation and she couldn't tolerate any thin liquids. I was heart broken that the doctors had to take her off my breast milk. when she got out of Arkansas Children Hospital.

I pump 520 bottles of breast milk not including the ones the hospital use while she was in the hospital. I made my mind up then if I had any more babies, that I wanted to straight breast feed. I didn't want my son to have formula at all. But my breast milk didn't come in until he was 8 days old.

I was a few drops of breast milk before it just came in at 8 days old. I never breast feed this long. It's been six months now. I feel like I'm not producing enough breast milk for him, especially when he goes through them growth spurts.

I need help! What can I do different? I thought about trying the Nursing Blend pills, but my husband told me I shouldn't because it's on line.

I don't know I have to do something. Because Samuel will not take formula. He know the differences in formula and breast milk. When I last gave him one ounce of formula with three ounces of breast milk, he was 2 months old.

It took him two feeding to just drink four ounces. When in two feeding he was drinking 8 ounces. This was January 2012 the last time he had formula. Breast milk and formula smells different and looks different. I can tell the different from a formula bottle and a breast milk bottle.

I'm sorry but I need help in what to do for him. I'm starting to run out of options. But still trying to breast feed exclusively because I also think of my son and what best for him.

The evenflo bottles states that breast feed very best. Even the enfamil formula can say the same on the back of the can. It's says expert agree that breast feeding is the very best. Then Gerber formula and many others formula companys try to design their products to breast milk.

I know in my heart, by breast feeding exclusively is the very best for my son. And I need to be able to provide this special mothers milk to him. Then my son is less sicker compared to our two older children, when they were babies on formula. I just need another option in what to do?

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May 08, 2012
increasing supply
by: Tracy

Hi Shakel

Have you thought of starting to introduce solid foods into baby's diet yet?

Here is info on a tea that I make that helps me a lot with my breast milk supply...

Breastfeeding tea for increasing milk supply

Hope this helps

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