give yourself permission to do what is right for your child.

by Tara

I had four children and tried to breastfeed each of them unsuccessfully. I sought help from a lactation nurse, my midwife, my doctor and with each child I thought this time it will work.

But alas it did not. I simply would never "let down". My breasts would get swollen but not engorged. My midwife, the dear lady, finally "gave me permission" to stop trying. What a relief!

My four children are now ages 10-21 and are healthy well adjusted kids/adults. Formula does not appear to have hurt them in the slightest. I do find it interesting that after my youngest was a toddler my mother informed me that neither she or my grandmother were capable of nursing.

I Wish she had said something sooner but it does help give me additional relief that this "problem" was not me just doing it wrong.

It was likely a physical trait I inherited. Just like every other part of raising kids a mom needs to trust her instincts.

No-one else can really know your child or your situation better than you. It may not always be best to breastfeed. Trust yourself and give yourself permission to do what is right for your child.

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