Going back to latching on after bottle feeding

by Rachel . L

I am a first time mum to a 7 weeks old baby boy. Apparently i was not well prepared enough to breast feeding.

I did not know that the newborn baby does not need to drink a lot of milk on his first few feeds, but i do know that the colostrum is rich and thick.

Anyhow, i was already determined that i want to fully breastfeed my baby.

When i was in the hospital, the nurse pushed my baby in 6hrs after delivery, she tried to help me latch on. I feel stressed that baby is not sucking as i have flat nipples.

Initially i wanted to let the baby stay in the room and i will try again later, but the young nurse insisted that i should feed now. That added on to my stress. I had to give in to formula then.

The next few feeding times, i was way too tired and drained after delivering, i gave in to formula.

The next day, i started trying to latch on, again it failed (i thought) i felt even worst. The hospital lend me a electric pump to help stimulate, i saw few drops of colostrum coming out. Just these few drops gave me hope. So i tried latching on again, it didn't last more than 5 mins of trying, my baby doesn't seem to like my breast.

My milk supply started coming in on the forth day. I thought the latching on did not work in the hospital, so i expressed. From then, my baby has been fed through bottle.

I tried latching on with the help of nipple shield a few times(after 4weeks into bottle feeding), initially it worked, but later on my nipples started to feel sore and painful. I gave up latching on and went back to bottle feeding breast milk again.

After reading most of the info about breast feeding from your website, i feel determine to go back to latching on.

Please advice if it is too late to do so and if my nipples will become sore and painful again, and what should i do if my baby is very impatient to suck from my breast.

Also, will there be any chance of having more milk supply for storing when i would be going back to work, as now each breast only produce 40-60ml of milk (approx 10min of expressing every 3 hr) that is only enough for 1 feed.

I would like to know more to successful breast feeding and looking forward to your replies.


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May 14, 2013
had similar issues
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)

Hi Rachel

My first breastfeeding experience was a lot like yours, so I can really relate to your situation.
Here is my story.

It is not too late for you to breastfeed! It does not matter how much milk you re producing now, if you start to breastfeed and pump more to remove more milk from your breasts, your body will start to produce just the right amount of milk for baby. Yes, your nipples will be sensitive in the beginning...at least for the first week.

One of the things you can do before you breastfeed is to pump milk, until you feel a "let down". If you give baby the breast during a fast flow of milk, he is more likely to stay interested (because he is accustomed to a fast flowing artificial nipple)

There are so many things you can do to help with this transition...please take the time to read through some information that will help you. (info that I wish I had had before I fell pregnant the first time)

Breastfeeding with flat or inverted nipples

Latching on and latching problems.

Sore, cracked or bleeding nipples.

Nipple confusion and breast refusal.

Lactogenic foods.


Some extra helpful info...

The benefits of breastfeeding.

Immunity of breast milk.

Really hope this helps, let me know how things go.

If this information was helpful, please consider donating $5 above. Thanks ;-)

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