Green Mucousy Diarrhea

My 5 month old Breastfeeds-exclusively, started green mucous diarrhea 8 days ago... every day 6-10 times per day.

She is fussy, arches her back, chews on her hands and is just uncomfortable at times.

Before this, she was usually content with the typical yellow, seedy diapers 1-2 times per week! No fever. Note: at 6 weeks she had bloody/mucous stools due to milk protein. Allergies are very prevalent in our family, she is my 5th baby.

I'm assuming its a virus. She does refuse to nurse the second side, so now she eats more often but not both sides.

So, she should be getting the hind milk? Sometimes she is just too fussy to finish, she arches her back and quits. She nurses very fast (5 minutes) but absolutely refuses to nurse longer.

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Oct 18, 2016
by: Tracy

Have you considered that she might be teething? Have a look at her gums. If it continues I suggest that you see a lactation consultant who can be with you while you nurse, to observe whats happening. It could also be an ear infection in one ear (on the side that would touch your body while breastfeeding) Try other breastfeeding positions such as the football hold or laid back breastfeeding.

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