green watery, green stools.

Hello, my baby is 4 weeks old.

Everything was fine, but last 4 days, may baby stools are green and watery - sometimes green and i would say a little bit jelly.

let say in 24 hours - few nappies are yellow with white bits and other few nappies are green.

Should i worry about it? breastfeed baby, started to be not very happy at the eating time.

thank you for your answer :)

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Nov 09, 2015
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by: Tracy

Could be a few things causing this, or it could be normal. I would suggest that you see a lactation consultant in your area. She will have a look and will ask you a few questions.

Here are a few helpful pages:

Foremilk / Hindmilk

Normal infant stools

Hope this helps

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