Growth spurt=hard and long day

by Nija
(Mississippi )

I'm a new mom. My baby is almost 3 months old and I have been exclusively breastfeeding.

She has gone through a few growth spurts already and let me just say those days are long and really take a toll on your body.

I thought surely she can't still be hungry it's only be ten minutes since I fed her last.

Try to stay calm and patient for this too shall pass. Also, stay hydrated and eat plenty of food.

It's really hard when your infant won't take a pacifier and uses you (breast) as one instead.

One night in particular, I thought if she doesn't stop wanting to breastfeed every ten minutes soon I'm on the verge of crying.

The good news is, those days are few and far between and we made it through together.

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Apr 01, 2014
thank you
by: Tracy

What a great comment.

I agree totally with what you said here. I remember when my little girl was about 3 weeks old, she went through about a week, where she would cluster feed from 8 till 12 in the evenings! It was really frustrating, sore and I was so tired!

But, yes, I'm so glad I kept is so worth it. She breastfed until she was two, and I would not give up that wonderful, bonding experience for anything in this world!

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