Guilt for not being able to breastfeed...

by Fifi

I really felt and in some ways still feel a sense of guilt for not being able to breastfeed my first child. I was living through a very stressful situation when I gave birth.

I could not produce enough breast milk, only 1-2 ounces per feed, even though I pumped all the time for weeks and took herbal supplements, some part of me still feels I really did not do enough. Its like a dark area for mothers and the emphasis is on trying harder and the inference that you are not doing enough if you cannot increase your milk supply.

My post natal midwife was great saying worrying about increasing milk and spending a lot of time doing this and being stressed was not what being a mother is about. I still worry even though my son is healthy and alert that I did not give him the best start and will we be close when he is older, even though I feel a deep bonding with him.

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Apr 20, 2011
Don't Feel to Bad
by: Anonymous

"Guilt for not being able to breastfeed..."

by Fifi

G'day Fifi

I'm a dad, and I'm sorry to hear that you have / had to feel the way you did about the issue of breastfeeding!!

It's not an easy thing to go through the pressures of being a new mum, with the compounding pressures preached by the medical fraternity these days!

My wife breastfeed our three children (with much pressure and expectation of the midwifes!). As much as it seemed the right and natural thing to do, it did not mean it was easy for her!

As a father, I often felt out of sorts from time to time, with breastfeeding, because I felt that I as missing out on that important bonding experience. But this dissipated, when my wife was comfortable to express her milk, which allowed me to share the burden of 11pm and 3am feeds (which importantly also allowed my wife to get some quality sleep!!)

At the end of the day so long as both mum and baby are healthy and comfortable, that what is important!!!!!


Feb 05, 2015
hey there
by: jillian

I do not think you should be guilty for anything. Not being able to breastfeed is not a bad thing after all. We surely do not hold everything in our hands. I think practicing yoga can help you as well.

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