hasn't had a poop Suggestions?

by Worried mom....

My son is almost 4 months old and is completely breastfed and hasn't had a poop in going on 5 days, now i had this problem 5 days ago and was told to give him a suppository and if it was to happen again, not let it go for more then 3 days, I have read multiple articles, some saying in can take up to 7-10 days for my little guy to have a bowel movement... I don't want him to rely on the suppositories to poo that's why I haven't given it to him ,I'm kinda hoping he goes on his own...

Ive tried tummy massages, cycling his legs and giving him a bath, hes passing gas no problem and is generally his normal happy self but no bowel movement... Any suggestions as to what I should do?

I really don't want to give him a suppository again I think it was traumatizing enough for both of us the first time...

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Jan 25, 2011
Dont worry...
by: Tracy


Wow, whoever gave the advice about 'not waiting longer than three days' doesn't know a thing about breastfeeding!

Did you visit a doctor or pediatrician? Usually a pediatrician should know better.

You don't need to worry at all, if baby is happy (as you say he is) he does not need a suppository.

Yes, your baby can go up to 10 days without a poop, but when he does poop, it should not be hard or difficult for him to pass. (this advice does not apply to formula fed babies)

Give him a chance and see what happens, if after 8 - 10 days he still hasn't had a bowel movement, I would advise that you see a pediatrician.

Please let me know how things go.

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May 26, 2011
my breastfed baby is the same
by: Anonymous

hi im the same my son is 4months and he havnt had poo for almost 6days now i went to the GP few days ago and she recomend a laxative so i gave it to him then i went to the internet and found out that they could go up to 3weeks with doing a poo and its normal and also not to give baby laxative coz it might cause harm as breastfed babies dont get constipated..so i stop giving him laxative..but i was abit piss ...my son havnt had poo yet but im worried about the laxative i gave him ..hope it wont do any harm..i called a lactation consultant as well she recomend to not give laxative and also to just wait it out

Aug 17, 2011
Four babies breastfed...
by: Tina

I have successfully breastfed four babies now. One is 9, one is 3, one is 1, and one is 6 weeks. Of those four, none of them had daily bowel movements. Out of those four, one of them was actually constipated. Now I have learned that laxatives are horrible things, suppositories are also awful...so what's a mom to do??

I turned to Welch's Concord Grape juice. (100% no added sugars etc...) REALLY! I put 3 mls into a srynge and gave it to my daughter from the time she was two weeks old until the constipation went away at 10 months old. If a few days had passed with no bowel movements, and she was acting crabby, or abnormal...I did this on the fourth day, every hour until she had a bowel movement. It is still a laxative, but it's a little more gentle and doesn't cause cramping. It never took more than 1-2 doses like this before she had a bowel movement.

Once again, this is the ONLY baby I had out of four who actually was constipated. Signs of constipation include fussiness, sometimes gas, bloating (a large and hard tummy), and even grunting and wiggling, though if you have a newborn who is grunting I'd be more likely to get a hold of a pediatrician as grunting in a baby is also linked to breathing difficulties. Usually prolonged constipation leads to a decrease in appetite.

If a laxative didn't make your baby go, I am doubting this is in fact constipation, just a personal opinion. Breastmilk is 100% natural and organic. So it is extremely digestible and it may be some time before your baby passes any stools at all.

My son is 6 1/2 weeks old, and to be honest, he hasn't had a bowel movement in about 5 or 6 days. He's not uncomfortable (in fact he sleeps through the night yay for mommy!!), he's not cranky, fussy, whiny, or vomiting. I can most likely count the amount of soiled diapers he has had in the last 6 weeks, probably between 10 and 12. That's not very many for 6 weeks of pooping, but it is what is normal to him.

I would be less worried about your child pooping, and more worried about finding a pediatrician who is more educated on breastfed babies :)

I am also still nursing my older son who is now 19 months old. I pump for him now though, I haven't completely weaned his body off breastmilk...however I have a hard time actually physically nursing two babies, so he gets his milk in a cup and the LO gets the nursing action. Best wishes and good luck! Hope you figure this all out!

Mar 24, 2015
6 week old hasn't pooped for 6 days - Worried!
by: Yana

Hello, i am a first time mom to a breastfed 6 week old boy and since week 2 he has been grunting and face turning red and letting out little screams through out the day.

He used to have soft regular bowel movements every 2-3 days and it would seem like it all came out in one big diaper blow out.. now i am waiting for 6 days.. and all i get is a gassy grunting baby trying his best to push something out.

Especially at night from 3 am he starts to get really fussy and cry sometimes. I tried gripe water, simethicone drop, colic calm.. and none seem to really work.

Can anyone suggest anything else that i can try.. other than waiting it out and have him "grow out" of it. I am getting worried. :(

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