having surgery....need to pump

by amberdove
(wyoming )

Hi my son will be about 12 weeks when I need to have a simple surgery, but I do have to be knocked out, so my Dr says to pump enough for 24 hours. Then I will need to pump and dump milk during that 24 hours...how do I know how much to pump? He is gaining 2 - 2 1/2 oz per day and going thru a spurt right now so I will need to wait a week ...then I only have 3 weeks...if I pump only once per day is that enuf?

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Sep 01, 2013
No need to pump!
by: Lyssa

For the most part, doctors do not know the effect of medications on lactation.

There just haven't been enough studies, or doctors do not find the need to stay up to date on the information.

The Infant Risk Center is a fantastic resource of the most up to date information on what medicines are safe to use and what medicines you need to wait to clear your system and how long that takes.

Most doctors play it safe and just say 24-48 hours without even knowing. I strongly suggest you obtain the list of medication you will be given and call the center(you can do a simple google search for their number).

Usually, it is recommended that the mom is okay to breastfeed upon waking up from general anesthesia. By the time you wake up, the medicine has left the system enough to make it safe to breastfeed. If this is your only concern, then no need to worry about pumping and dumping.

But to answer your question, a baby usually eats 1-1.5oz for every hour between feeds. So that could mean leaving your baby 24-30oz of pumped milk. If you are unable to pump, you could consider obtaining donated milk from another mom.

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