Heavy menstrual period while breast-feeding?is it normal..

by MariaA.

My baby just turned 4 months & I just started my period but it really heavy flow. I've never had my Periods this heavy before. Is it normal for the first time?

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Aug 07, 2012
Heavy period
by: Zelda Behr

That is quite normal.

Breastfeeding can turn your period on it head, you can have heavy periods or very light ones, longer than normal or shorter and even skip a few months.

- You can take a combination supplement of 1500 calcium/400 magnesium per day (always taken together, never separately) This will regulate your periods, prevent nipple tenderness, keep milk supply up and also prevent uterine cramping.

- Evening primrose (1 per day) can be taken to relieve nipple tenderness.

I myself am going through this, it's not pleasant, good luck.

Here is more on this subject...


Aug 10, 2014
by: Bobby

Hi im 28year old mother of 3 kids.

My baby is going to one year in this month. Im breastfeeding. Sometimes one time a day and 2or 3time at night breastfeeding.

I have my period after 6weeks.

Recently I had a heavy period like flooding never had before like this. After that its been 7 month, now im spotting, regular, like every month don't understand what is this.

Can someone tell me about this problem,why i'm having irregular bleeding and spotting like this. After doing sex I had pain my lower belly

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