Help! My 2 mo. Old is back to sleeping like a newborn!

During the day he can sleep 3 or 4 hours straight. And now for the past 2 days he's been waking at night & eating like a newborn. Yawn!! I'm so exhausted! Could
this be a growth spurt? He has plenty of wet & poopy diapers so I know he's eating. When I pump I can get 8oz or so. So when my breasts are full he gets a good 4 to 5 oz from one breasts. I don't know! I just want him to sleep longer already. I thought we were improving but now I feel like we r moving backwards! Please help any advice is greatly appreciated!

Sleepy Mommy

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Apr 12, 2011
Definitely going through a growth spurt
by: Tracy


Shame man feeling very bad for you! ;-) In about a months time I'll be in the same boat. My due date is June 22.

Your baby is definitely going through a growth spurt, no doubt about it.

Are you co-sleeping? This can make things a little easier during those growth spurt times. Also if you carry him in a sling during the day he will have access to milk 24/7 which could get him drinking less at night.

Another suggestion would be to offer him one breast at a time (alternate with each feeding)...instead of offering both breasts with a feeding. This will ensure that he drinks the fatty hindmilk at the back of the breast, which is more filling, therefore giving you longer periods of sleep at a time. Your body will get accustomed to this after a few feedings, if the "left out" breast becomes a little engorged you can just hand express some milk.

Please let me know how things go...hope this helped.
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