Herb fenugreek causing gas in baby

Just wanted to share for moms wondering about excessive gas in baby. My son is 7 weeks old. For the past week or so he seemed more gassy than usual.

He would scream in pain tighten his stomach kick his legs and stiffen them. There was nothing I could do for him until he got the gas out.

Very hard to watch. I figured it had to be something I was eating. I was about to give up dairy until I spoke with a consultant from LLL.

They said that the herbal supplement fenugreek that I was taking to increase my milk supply could be causing the extra gas.

I'm guessing that's what was causing my gas too. I was taking 9 pills a day for about 4 or 5 weeks.

The day I stopped it I already noticed a difference in him. Today is the second day he's been better as well. So time will tell, but I do think it was the culprit.

Good luck everyone!

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