'Herbs of light' Goat's Rue?

by Alicia
(Missouri, USA)


I have been looking for Goat's Rue locally and none of the health food stores in our area carry it.

They don't carry the motherlove line either. One of the health food stores in my city can order a goats rue liquid tincture by 'herbs of light' but I cannot find any reviews on this and I am worried about buying it if the intended purpose is not for increasing milk supply.

The website does not label their goats rue as a galactogogue so I was not sure if they utilize the same parts of the plant responsible for stimulating lactation or not. Thanks!

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Sep 30, 2013
Goat's Rue
by: Lyssa

I understand your hesitation with an unknown brand!

I, myself, have not heard of that brand...but I do know that most herbs and foods used to increase milk supply, that is not it's strict intended purpose. Oats and flax seed are two good examples. I would assume that this less known brand of goat's rue would be the same as the brand you are looking for. You can always cross check the ingredients list!

Or, you can look on Amazon.com, which should sell anything and everything you are looking for. :)

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