how little they know

by Ferdinando
(South Korea)

My wife has given birth in South Korea and in the hospital it is impressive how little they know about breast feeding.

Right after the birth they take the baby away and only let you see him 6 hours later. The reason for this they say is that they need to do exams during this time. In fact during this time they feed the powder milk to them.

In this way the baby's first food is the powder milk and not the moms breast. It's absurd. Every baby in korean hospital was treated like this and the doctors said it is because of cultural differences that they recommend to breast feed but during the first days the mom has too less milk therefore need the powder milk. This is totally wrong information.

Once we arrived home it has been so difficult to teach our baby to breast feed because he got used to the bottle of formula which is very easy to drink for him. but we insisted and after long training, many tries and cries. now he is breast feeding and my wife is increasing her milk supply step by step.

This was also thanks to the information provided in this website. Thank you!!

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