how to quit breastfeeding

by Hela


my baby is nearly 12 months and his teeth are coming out but he's still refusing any other milk but breast milk.

I love breastfeeding but this means I'm still having to get up all night to breastfeed and it's not enough for him. But whenever I tried formula or even normal milk, in a cup, bottle , with a straw , he's just having non-of it and pushes it away. ( even though he will accept other drinks in cups etc).

What can I do ??? I need to finally get some sleep. Also my 4 year old girl is very jealous of the breastfeeding and kicks up a fuss when I do it as she then wants a hug or something else to get me to stop breastfeeding.


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Sep 07, 2012
Breastfeeding weaning
by: Zelda Behr

For a start, you deserve a medal just for sticking it out till a year with breastfeeding.

Weaning from the breast is a long term project so do not expect to be done in a weeks time.

Weaning can be a very emotional thing for mom and baby to go through.

Try to give your little one some more attention, as it can make him wake more during the night for affection missed during daytime feeds.

Remember to keep the last feed before bedtime as the last feed to drop as this helps your little one sleep longer. You can even continue only with that feed if you like, your body will keep producing milk for just one feed.

* Drop only one breastfeeding session per week.

* You can use a bottle, but seeing that he is a year old I would say try a sippy cup otherwise you have to later wean off the bottle again.

* Mix breast milk with cow milk and decrease the amount of breast milk gradually, so that he can get accustomed to the milk.

* Put a small amount of breast milk on the teat of the sippy cup to entice him to drink it.

* Let someone else give him the milk, he associates you with breast milk, try to also not be in the room, as he will know then, that there is a alternative to the bottle (You).

Concerning your little girl, try giving her a few min of attention before a breastfeeding session or after or let her spoon behind you or your little boy on a bed while feeding him and have a conversation with her. She is just seeking attention.

Good luck and remember you are a great mom.

Sep 12, 2012
by: Hela

This is great help.

I used something call Milkflow and that helped me produce lots of milk to breastfeed until now.

However, he's still refusing anything else

but I will keep trying

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