how to stop breastfeeding?

by vr
(Baroda,Gujarat,India )

I am a mother of 2 year old baby I want stop my baby from breastfeeding please send me any suggestions regarding this.

My baby is a tough baby to get him away from this habit. Please give suggestions keeping such nature of his in mind.

I would be looking forward for your suggestions.

Thank you..

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Jan 08, 2015
2 year old and weaning
by: T


Congratulations on getting to the two year mark!

I had the same thing with my little girl, she would breastfeed every hour during the day and at night...I think it was mostly for comfort at the two year mark. Anyways, it got to much for me, coz a person needs a good nights rest.

The best thing to do is to start weaning gradually. This is what I did...

I started cutting out the night feedings first. When she woke up I would go lie with her in her room and just hold her close...then get up when she was quiet. she did cry a bit, coz she wanted the breast, but I just held her until she stopped. Kept saying "the booboo is gone".

During the day I would not offer the breast, but allowed her to breastfeed when she wanted to. I started offering more alternative drinks.

After about a week I would start saying "booboos are dry, theres no more milk". She cried twice that I can remember and was fine after that. Every few days she would ask, but I just stuck to my guns. lol. Dont give in!

Now my little girl is three and a half and every now and then she still likes to caress the boobs, lol, shes very fond of them.

Hope this helps! ;-)

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