Hungry but not crying?

by Nic
(Sydney, nsw, australia)

My 11week old when asleep at night goes through periods where he sucks loudly his hands & moves his legs and arms around a lot but doesn't open his eyes.

I have been getting him and feeding him thinking he's hungry and he sucks for 7 minutes and then stills so I put him back in the cot asleep.
Last night I left him sucking & moving and he never cried and was happy in morning.

Is he hungry or not? Should I leave him or not?

Would he eventually cry if he really was hungry?

He's an exceptionally happy easy baby and never really cries except when I put him to sleep - and I usually offer him the breast at this point and he always sucks for 20 min or so then sleeps. He is also sleeping in his cot in our room.

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Mar 27, 2014
Response to hungry but not crying
by: Anonymous

My 4 month old does the same thing. He moves around a lot and makes little noises but he doesn't cry. I still get up and feed him if its been a few hours since he ate. Normally the feeding doesn't last more then ten minutes at night. I honestly think he doesn't cry because I never allowed him to cry during the night. I tend to wake easily.

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