I am so glad I found this page!

by Bri
(Colorado Springs)

I have PCOS. Poly cyst ovarian syndrome. My doctor told me that frankly, I was lucky to even get pregnant. (It was a one night stand, so it was a miracle honestly).

I gave birth to my son but he had swallowed some fluid and stuff at birth so I could only see him for a few minutes before they rushed him to the nursery. The nurses found out I have PCOS and told me(the first time I even heard it could be a problem) that there was a possibility I couldn't produce any milk. They instructed me to pump every time I fed. And I did. Like it was my religion.

I took him home and kept pumping and feeding him but I noticed my son was losing weight after the first week, so I went to a breastfeeding group at the hospital and found out that I was producing 8ml at a feeding. (30 ml is an ounce). My son needed at least 2 ounces a feeding. I broke down crying.

Everyone had drilled into me while I was pregnant that breastfeeding was it. Breastfeeding breastfeeding breastfeeding. All the time, from everyone. So I felt so guilty about feeding him formula. I wanted to breastfeed my son so badly, even without the incredible pressure. It broke my heart when I found out I couldn't. I still pumped and tried to feed him, but now, I can't produce anything more than a tiny drop.

So, yes. There is such a thing as a woman unable to breastfeed. I am living proof. The doctor told me I will never be able to produce enough milk for any of my future children either.

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