I have missed my period last may 17..

by Jenhyl
(Jimenez Misamis Occidental, Philippines)

Hi.. (hope that you can understand my English, because i don't know how to speak English well)

I'm so worried about my situation right now..my last period was April 17 and last May 13 followed by may 22 we have accidentally unprotected sex with my x-bf.. Supposed to be i got my period in May 17 but its not coming!

Im so worried but my x-bf told me that he is sterile..Last June 16 i used Pregnancy Test and its positive! I used p.t in june18 for second time and its positive again! (but that time i drink a lot for "talimughat" {i think its tonic drink,its for the missed period. In our country its a traditional for wife,women who has miss there period.}

My question is:

1) Is he lied me that he is sterile? I am pregnant that time for 1month? If he is sterile why i don't have my period again for june17?(2nd month Ive missed my period) But i dont feel any symptoms..


June23 my original bf came home for a vacation, we are just a neighborhood.. He want a baby from me. (Actually, we have 4yrs in our relationship..) so every time we have sex,we don't use any protection..last month of July,I have many symptoms, so tired and want to sleep even in the morning..sore and tenderness of my breast.. And now, it confirm that I'm pregnant! But I don't know how many weeks or a month.

My question here is:

I am pregnant with my bf but in my x-bf is not?
Or i am pregnant in the month of may as we accidentally have unprotected sex,with my sterile x bf but why its positive when i use pregnancy test 2 times? is it a false positive pregnancy test only???

Please, plz help me to answer all my questions.. I want to go to doctor for me to know how months I'm bringing this baby. It is coming 4months or coming 3 months?? but as for now but i don't have money yet.

My bf sending me money(for me to buy fruits and whatever i want to eat)but that's not enough to pay in the obgyne.. I feel conscience, for my bf and my family, and the family of my bf know already that I'm pregnant. and i cant sleep thinking what is really the truth.. Plz,help me.

I need your comments and answer. Ill wait.. Thanks!

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Dec 04, 2012
You'll do fine
by: Anonymous

If you are pregnant so be it. I am sure you will love your baby no matter who the father is. Take care of yourself the best you can for your baby' s health. Are you familiar with Jesus? Joseph was not his biological father, but he loved Mary any way and raised Jesus as his own son. Matthew 6:33. Keep on seeking first the kingdom and all the other things will be added to you.

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