I notice instant results

I haven't really struggled with supply at this point (have been breastfeeding daughter for 4 months), but when I do drink Mother's Milk Tea (The Traditional Medicinals brand) I become engorged within just a couple hours.

This tea works great for me and I highly recommend it to women struggling with supply, or those who are worried about early weaning due to diminishing supply.

But do be careful, because I can attest that oversupply is a big problem as well!

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Dec 15, 2015
by: Maria

I've always thought that the supply is regulated by the baby... And by BF specialist has told me so. As for the oersupply - that sounds even more fantastic. Looks more like magic to me. I've read, that the supply after six months of breastfeeding is regulated right at the moment as you apply the baby to the breast. http://motherhow.com/breastfeeding-dont-believe-in-rumors/ It's not that don't believe, I'm just curious...

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