I really wish people would understand

by Noel

Thank you so much for this page! My baby was an emergency c-section with complications that ended up with him in NICU for 3 days.

The combination of formula they fed him there and my own recuperation from surgery took a huge toll on breastfeeding.

I pumped and pumped with hardly any results. After spending our first two weeks as a family in consultant appointments with doctors and lactation consultants I was at the end of my rope.

The best thing that ever happened for my mental and emotional well-being was when a lactation specialist walked in and said "the odds are against you here, it might not ever happen and the most important thing is that your baby gets fed. This is not a third world country, children do fine on formula".

It was such a freeing moment for me. I still put him to the breast occasionally, but more-so for comfort than nutrition.

My best friend just had a baby and I have to bite my tongue when she complains about how often she has to breastfeed him.

I am amazed at how judgmental other people have been on me for "giving up" and I really wish people would understand it's not always such an easy choice.

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